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Co-Founder of ARway Corporation (public company listed in USA and Canada) founded in 2018. ARway provides indoor navigation solution using Augmented Reality. My aim is in bringing Augmented Reality into daily life, from the last several years I have been working on a few AR + Location/Navigation + Computer vision products that can widely be used by the masses.

My best skill is in understanding various components of XR-based apps further architecting and designing the complete product. I'm experienced in developing apps for Mobile ARKit and ARCore, VR - Oculus Rift, and Quest, Motion sensors Leap Motion and Kinect. I have experience in taking research code into the production system for XR. I like to work with 3D computer vision, scene understanding/perception, and Pose estimation learning Mathematics around it.

I have been awarded 15+ prizes for my use cases around XR and I’m a published AR researcher.


Co-founder and Director of AR

Arway Ltd

Responsible for leading the Engineering team, Computer Vision, and Unity SDK. Accountable for the architecture, design, code quality, system stability.


AR Lead Engineer

Popvue Inc.

As AR Lead I was responsible for leading development on the POPVUE multiplayer networking platform that uses augmented reality and Spatial awareness between mobiles. Designed and Developed real-time shared location AR experiences through Unity 3D which uses SFM based methods for localization in a pre-mapped environment. the project is one of the best use-cases of 5G/Edge since latency in broadcasting coordinates is a major factor for making the experience immersive


AR Developer


Nixar is a Bangalore-based startup aiming to bring Augmented Reality solution to solve the real-world problems.


XR Lead Engineer

Arway Ltd - Techstars

Responsible for designing complete Application workflow and architecture for communication between hosted navigation data and mobile apps with AR Visualization. Responsible for research into spatial technologies for long-term visual localization in AR. Created prototypes experience for Indoor navigation in WebAR.


AR Intern

Cargill India

Developed an AR-based prototype for Cargill's North Amerca sales team which can help in explaining and selling agricultural products in a more immersive way. Since AR experience involves the use of a camera most of the time, my responsibilities were to develop a UI/UX for the AR app so it becomes less confusing for new users


BE, Computer Science

PES University

Volunteered and Hosted a few IEEE AR workshops, actively involved in knowledge transfer to juniors around XR technologies and Entrepreneurship.



I'm a Published Researcher and following are my topics of interest


My Skills

Following are my Skills and I'm always passionate in learning new skills

Unity3D - C#


AR Frameworks (ARkit, ARCore,etc.)


Mobile app development


3D Computer vision, SLAM


C, C++, Python


Machine Learning



Projects & Podcasts

AR Sales Helper

Augmented Reality App - Cargill

Techstars Alumini

Techstars Allied Space 2020


My Blogs

I write on topics which I believe I can contribute to the masses

Nov 21, 2020 Arway 3

Segmenting and Organizing AR-Cloud through ARwayKit

AR-Cloud is a machine-readable, persistent 3D digital copy of the real world that forms the base layer of spatial computing.

Mar 8, 2021 Arway 3

Partnering with Microsoft to Build the AR Cloud

Our vision is to build an open and Interoperable platform for spatial developers to make use of the best technologies that are available.

April 1, 2021 Arway 3

Building the World’s Spatial Index with ARwayKit

ARwayKit Developers will soon have the ability to Map, Create, and Restore 3D content for the outdoors in the Geodetic (WGS84) Coordinate system.

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